Healthy Immune System: 8 Ways To Maintain One

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#8 Your Immune System Will Thrive With a Conscious Hygiene Routine

The last point on our list is to make sure you live with conscious hygiene on your mind. This is not to say that you aren’t keeping clean, but rather that the basic habits of washing your hands properly, wearing a mask when you are sick to prevent the spread of viruses, and covering your mouth when you sneeze, or cough should be second nature to you.

Keeping your hands disinfected (with sanitizer or washing them) will prevent you from coming into contact with a lot of germs and bacteria and thus help you protect your immune system. We have an immune system that helps us fight against all the foreign and malicious cells that enter our system. Alongside making sure we are keeping it in top shape, we should also be making sure we are not unnecessarily exposing it to pathogens and bacteria.

A lot of instances when you get sick could have been prevented if someone else chose to stay at home when they were down with a cold, or if you remembered to wash or disinfect your hands after shaking hands with someone. Living with a conscious hygiene routine in mind means trying to minimize the chances of getting sick by abiding by good hygiene rules.

If the COVID-19 pandemic left us any good lessons, it’s the fact that it taught a lot of us how important this aspect of our lives is. Keeping your immune system healthy also means protecting it whenever possible!

And if you’re looking for the right types of foods to add to your diet (or avoid) when it comes to giving your immune system a boost, read all about those here!

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