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8 Smart Flurona Prevention Tips to Get You Over the Winter Hump

Flurona Prevention Tip
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Viral infections are no joke. Here a some vital Flurona prevention tips!

If you’ve never heard of it, Flurona is the term used when someone’s co-infected with coronavirus AND the flu. Despite how terrifying that might sound, it’s nothing new, and Flurona prevention tips DO exist.

Experts point out that the most significant concern regarding a co-infection is that it could potentially damage an individual’s immune system, depending on their body type and general health.

And luckily, there’s no data to suggest that hospitalization rates are higher for those infected with both. Some tried-and-true methods of maintaining your immune system and being germ-conscious can be convenient when trying to prevent any illness.

And Flurona is no exception. So, on that note, we spoke to doctors and asked them to share some of the best Flurona prevention tips. Click “Next” to see what they had to say.

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