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9 Cataract Surgery Risks No One Tells You About

Cataract Surgery Risk
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Problems are infrequent after the eye procedure, but you should know the cataract surgery risks before it’s too late!

Sadly, cataracts significantly increase the chances of poor vision. That’s why so many people have corrective eye surgery. But the question remains… should you? And what are the cataract surgery risks you should be aware of?

First, let’s clarify one thing: Cataract surgery is a widespread type of eye surgery. It’s when your eye’s lens, the thin cover at the front of your eyeball, is muddied. Less light can get through, making it harder and harder to see as the cataract worsens.

When you’re in surgery, your damaged lens is extracted. Then, an artificial version, called an intraocular lens, gets implanted. This procedure will restore eyesight in 90% of cases. About 3.6 million people yearly have cataract surgery in our country.

The techniques and tools have advanced, and complications are relatively rare. However, there are still risks related to all types of surgery. Problems are more likely if you have other medical conditions or eye issues.

So, let’s talk about 9 cataract surgery risks and if it’s right for you!

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