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Top 10 Foods Suitable For Diabetics

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Did you know that eating certain foods can increase the level of blood sugar? Most people who are diabetics have a very strict diet that helps to keep their blood sugar under control. Do you know what foods you must avoid if you have diabetes? Trans fats and processed foods, especially ultra-processed foods, are very bad for people with diabetes. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

Most doctors recommend a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and healthy proteins because it can have plenty of benefits for your health. There are some top 10 foods that are full of nutrients that can help you stay healthy.

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  1. I have had diabetes sent I was 18 years old. I was diagnosed at American Diabetes Assoc. testing center in St. Louis, MO in 1956. I am now 84 and still read everything about Diabeties I can find. Iwill always need help with this problem!

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