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8 Surprising Causes of Hair Loss

hair loss
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Hair loss also called “alopecia,” can be something temporary or it can be chronic, and in this case, you usually lose your hair permanently, so you can’t grow it back. This condition can affect your scalp, but sometimes it can also make you lose hair from the entire body. 

Alopecia could be the outcome of genetics (heredity), hormonal imbalances, illnesses, or a distinctive aspect of aging. Anyone can experience hair loss on their scalp, but men tend to experience it more frequently than women.

Baldness is typically defined as a significant amount of hair loss on your scalp. The leading factors in baldness are heredity and age.

Some people will just let their hair loss develop naturally without treatment or intervention. Others choose to undergo one of the various methods to prevent additional hair loss or to stimulate new growth.

A dermatologist can diagnose the cause of your baldness or thinning hair, determine how to stop the loss of your hair or stimulate new growth, and provide treatment options. Check out a few of the most typical reasons for hair loss before you schedule your appointment.

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