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Is It Menopause or Cancer? Three Key Differences You Should Know

menopause or cancer
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Menopause or cancer?

Now let’s answer the big question: Is it menopause or cancer? You need to be aware that menopause can cause similar symptoms to the gynecological cancers we talked about earlier. You need to be able to understand the similarities so you can see the red flags and never let potential cancer pass you by.

Abnormal bleeding

Ovarian cancer and uterine cancer are the most common types of cancer among postmenopausal women. And one of the first and most common symptoms of both of these cancers is abnormal bleeding. This occurs in 75% to 90% of all women who are suffering from this form of cancer.

Particularly when a woman is transitioning into menopause, it can be challenging to tell the difference between abnormal bleeding and a typical monthly cycle.

But bleeding between menstrual cycles and highly prolonged bleeding in women who are older than 45 might be some concerning signs. Uterine cancer rarely occurs in women under the age of 45, and the average age of diagnosis is 60 in the United States.

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