Thursday, September 21

8 Warning Signs of Diabetes Few Americans Know Of

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Slow-healing sores and cuts

Many wounds, cuts, and burns are harder to heal if you also suffer from diabetes. Even more, these injuries might also lead to serious health issues. Diabetes makes the body become extremely sensitive to insulin, a hormone that lets our body cells use the glucose from the bloodstream for energy.

So if there’s a disruption to insulin, it’s more difficult for the body to manage its blood glucose levels. So when blood glucose is always high, it doesn’t let white blood cells function properly. White blood cells are extremely essential for our immune system. When we lack these cells, our bodies can’t fight bacteria and close their wounds.

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2 thoughts on “8 Warning Signs of Diabetes Few Americans Know Of”

  1. Interesting article. I have been diagnosed with diabetes for a number of years, and has experienced all the symptoms except slow healing. Glad to miss out on at least one of them.

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