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10 Body Parts You’re Washing Too Often

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10. Colon

We are aware of the fact that the digestive tract helps remove waste from the human system, which means there’s no need for cleaning. The only proper time when you really need to wash up is when you’re going to a doctor for a colonoscopy. Specialists recommend eating more high fiber foods and drinking at least 0,5 US gallons per day.


Of course, most of us tend to wash our skin to get it clean, and let’s face it: staying in the shower could be relaxing after a long day! Washing daily is actually recommended by doctors and it’s mandatory! Why is it important? Because by washing we get rid of any dirt and other types of allergens that have accumulated on our skin during the day.

Cleaning the body will help eliminate odors because we wash away the sweat. But like many other things, you shouldn’t exaggerate! Some body parts do not produce enough body oils so frequent showering might lead to dryness.

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2 thoughts on “10 Body Parts You’re Washing Too Often”

  1. ZZZzzzzZZZzzzzzz! Quit washing and see a doctor when you develop chronic amped out body odor!

    I am for good hygiene and pass on the doctors. Works for ME!

    This timely advice brought to you by Feral Tomm.

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