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SPF protection

6 Downsides of SPF Protection Nobody Talks About

How many things do YOU know about SPF protection? Are you using it correctly?  Summer is just around the corner and finding a 100% effective SPF protection cream is mandatory. But before rushing to the closest supermarket to get it,


sudden leg weakness

10 Causes of Sudden Leg Weakness—No. 8 Is Very Common

Let’s talk about sudden leg weakness and what serious conditions can indicate it! A feeling of sudden leg weakness, causing your legs to buckle or give out, can be alarming. The condition is a common symptom of many different injuries and health conditions. Not

manage peripheral neuropathy

The 4 Best Ways to Manage Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a term that can be used to describe more nerve diseases that affect your peripheral nervous system. This condition can be caused by many factors, but diabetes is the most common one. So, how can you manage peripheral neuropathy? Having to

travel constipation

Travel Constipation? Here Are 10 Ways to Avoid It

Let’s get this straight: travel constipation is REAL and AWFUL! Travel constipation is when you have trouble pooping like you normally do when you’re away from home. Changes in your normal routine can have an impact on the speed at which your digestive system

migraines, foods that cause migraines

Having Migraines Often? These 12 Foods Might Be the Cause

Are you experiencing migraines often? These are the foods that can cause it.   One of the worst things after a toothache is migraines. While the biggest triggers for them are usually lack of sleep and stress, some foods can give you serious headaches if

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