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These 10 Health Tests Can Save Your Life!

Prevention is always better than treatment. In other words, identifying certain signs before a certain condition becomes serious and repercussions can be seen, is always a good idea. Preventive tests increase your chances of being healthy for longer, instead of


relieve swollen feet

10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Swollen Feet!

Relieve swollen feet with these homemade remedies:  Have you ever had so much swelling in your ankles and feet that you could hardly identify them as your own? It happens to anyone, and the reasons behind this condition can result from uncomfortable shoes, pregnancy,

psoriatic arthritis

Be Careful! These 7 Habits Make Psoriatic Arthritis Worse

Did you know that some habits can make your psoriatic arthritis worse? Psoriatic arthritis is a health disease where your body’s immune system attacks your healthy tissue and cells. The immune response triggers inflammation in your joints and skin cell overproduction. According to experts,

senior diseases

9 Senior Diseases That DON’T Show up in Blood Work

These senior diseases don’t show up in blood tests!  We all have those moments when we feel a bit off and go to see our doctor, who recommends a series of blood tests. But while you were eager to see the results and receive

Is the Meningitis Cases Increase Something to Worry About?

There’s been an increase in deaths related to meningitis. Is this new outbreak something to fear? When it comes to meningitis, the most common form that comes to people’s minds is Lyme disease, as it is the one you get from ticks. However, the

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