Wednesday, September 20

15 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Doctor

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7. I Haven’t Smoked in Years… (When It’s a Lie)

Any lie that you tell your doctor can have serious consequences. According to HCPLive, an information source for physicians that has rounded up some of the worst things a patient can say to their doctor, anything that’s not truthful tops the list.

As Ryan Gray, M.D., points out, when patients exaggerate or downplay symptoms, pain levels, side effects, or lifestyle choices, they often don’t realize that it can really affect their quality of life—not to mention the quality of the treatment that they receive.

In a nutshell, try to be honest with your physician. He or she is there to help you.

8. I Bet It’s Stress-Related…

Obviously, stress can end up causing lots of health issues. We need only take a look at the pandemic years to know that is true. Chronic stress can lead to burnout, which comes with not only lots of exhaustion and emotional issues but also health problems.

Yet, don’t try to put the blame on stress for every physical complaint of yours. Stress may indeed affect your body somehow, but let the doctor find the root cause of the problem. Moreover, if you downplay your symptoms, your physician is less likely to take them seriously.

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