6 Signs of Colon Cancer Every Woman Should Know

Colon Cancer
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Have You Experienced Unexplained Weight Loss Recently?

The pain and discomfort that is caused by a tumor may lead to loss of appetite, resulting in weight loss. This sudden unexplained weight loss can signify that a tumor releases chemicals that increase one’s metabolism.

The sudden loss of weight can accompany colon cancer, but it’s rarely a direct sign of the problem. Weight loss is usually the result of a different type of colorectal cancer: abdominal discomfort or pain.

If it becomes too painful to process food, a person will consciously or even subconsciously limit or stop eating food. This is a problem for various reasons.

First, if the cause of the abdominal discomfort is colon cancer, then eating less and losing weight will only worsen the situation by depriving the body of the much-needed nutrients, including fiber.

Therefore, if you’ve been losing weight and eating less because of abdominal pain, see your doctor as soon as you can.

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