6 Signs of Colon Cancer Every Woman Should Know

Colon Cancer
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…If you think that a few of these apply to you, you might want to go and get checked out! Meanwhile, check out the signs you should look for:

Are You Extremely Fatigued ALL The Time?

Yes, living an agitated lifestyle CAN lead to extreme fatigue. But to feel this way all the time isn’t normal. While it’s easy to brush off your fatigue as lack of sleep and weight loss due to stress, you should be discussing these changes with your doctor.

If your fatigue just won’t let up and you also have a few other symptoms, like blood in your stool, consult a doctor ASAP.

Have You Been Seeing Any Significant Changes On Your Skin?

A change in the shape, size, or color of a mole and the development of new spots are just a few common signs of skin cancer. You should see your doctor for a thorough exam and, if necessary, perhaps a biopsy. This is one instance when you shouldn’t wait.

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