Long COVID Can Last 2 Years – Here Are The Signs You Have It

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4. Fatigue

We all feel tired after a busy week, from long periods of concentration, or after intense exercise. Sometimes, though, the feeling of reduced energy levels can be experienced in a way that doesn’t seem normal. And there’s also the fatigue you feel even after minimal effort.

This extreme exhaustion is common for those dealing with long COVID symptoms, and it can last for weeks, months, or even longer. It can interrupt or stop you from doing everyday activities, and it doesn’t go away with sleep or a pastime.

The fact that there is a continuing response to the coronavirus even after the infection has cleared may explain why this long COVID symptom appears. We don’t know exactly why fatigue lingers even after weeks of recovering from the infection. According to some doctors, pre-existing conditions, poor sleep patterns, lower levels of physical activity, anxiety, and stress can significantly contribute to fatigue.

Try to break tasks that feel challenging down into smaller chunks and alternate harder activities with easier ones. Another way to manage fatigue is to take frequent short rests instead of a few longer ones.

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