Healthy Immune System: 8 Ways To Maintain One

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#2 Make Sure Your Mental Balance is Tied to Your Immune System

Since we talked about cortisol earlier, we should also talk about another thing that helps you regulate that hormone besides sleep. And that is a stress-free environment and good mental health. Mental health is extremely important, and a lot of issues with it seem to be dependent on how well you regulate stress.

It has been proven over the years that stress is a silent killer, especially potent when it comes to people who are workaholics or are prone to mental health issues. This is because the cortisol hormone is in charge of stopping your immune system from responding to a potential threat before it happens, making your body only react when the stressor is actively present in your body.

However, if you are prone to a lot of stress or your mental balance is off kilter, then your body racks up the amount of cortisol in your body. If you happen to get sick with a cold or contact with any other illness, your immune system won’t know to fight against the virus or germs, which will render you defenseless against bacteria.

You should strive to not only eliminate the major stressors in your routine and try to minimize the stress-provoking activities but also to pick up the habit of doing one stress-relieving activity per day. You should be fine as long as you do something to help you relax.

Yes, this includes doing any activity you enjoy as a hobby too!

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