4 Surprising Side Effects of Vitamin D You Didn’t Know About (and 3 Foods To Eat)

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What do you know about the side effects of too much vitamin D?

As you already know, all healthcare providers tell us to consume foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and if we don’t get enough, they advise us to take supplements. But is it possible to take too many vitamins? Let’s take a particular example and talk more about it because things are really interesting.

Vitamin D is one of the most important minerals your body can receive. It’s great for growing and developing your muscle cells, maintaining the health of your skeletal system, and assuring the proper functioning of the adaptive and instinctive immune systems. If you don’t have enough of it in your system, you are more likely to be at higher risk of getting an infection or a disease, and also bone demineralization.

Speaking of deficiency, several studies have discovered that roughly 40% of American adults don’t have enough levels of vitamin D. What’s even more interesting is that approximately 1 billion people are diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency.

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