12 Warning Signs Your Liver Sends You

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The Liver…it’s the most important organ in your body! And you might wanna take care of it as much as possible. A lot of doctors give us plenty of advice because one of the most important things about maintaining a healthy liver is getting a good night’s sleep and eating healthy foods.

One of them is coffee (yes, don’t be surprised since coffee is drunk by 60% of the US population and it actually has plenty of benefits for your body), and so is green tea, garlic, berries, grapefruit, and fatty fish because it contains Omega 3 which is amazing for your heart as well.

If these foods are included in your daily diet, then you’re on the right path, but what if the liver still gives you signals that there is something wrong with it?

Read the the symptoms you might have in case your liver is in danger below:

1. You have little or no appetite at all

If barbecuing with the family on weekends was one of your favorite things to do and now the appetite went away, then something might be wrong with you!

Doesn’t mean that if you aren’t in the mood for a party or a picnic you instantly have a liver disease but one of the most common symptoms when you’re suffering from liver disease is a disappearing appetite.

2. Your memory starts to fail 

Do you constantly forget things you didn’t before? Do you forget calling that friend of yours you used to keep in touch with weekly? It can happen. But there might be a serious reason for that !

If your liver doesn’t function properly anymore it can’t eliminate the toxins existent in your body so that results building them up in the brain. The side effect of that is the memory loss, so why don’t you make an appointment to see the doctor as soon as possible?

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3. You’re feeling very tired

One of the most common symptoms of having issues with your liver is tiredness. Feeling tired can have a lot of other things connected at its base. But if the liver doesn’t function at its own parameters, you will feel it.

Being sleepy all the time and not having a consistent sleep during the night is one those warning signs that your liver is in danger!

4. Your skin itches

Usually, the symptoms of an unhealthy liver appear later on or when it’s already too late. Having itchy skin is one of the earlier signs. Of course, you may wanna use a moisturizer if your skin is dry, but what if the problem is a bit more complex?

This is a sign of an early cirrhosis of the liver which is basically one of the worst problems you’ll have.

5. Yellowing of the eyes and skin

This awful symptom is being called jaundice and it’s happening because of a high level of bilirubin in your body. Watching yourself in the mirror in the morning and seeing your skin turning yellow might be a serious issue!

No one likes to see yellow except if it’s on a wall color or some bird feathers. If you’ve noticed this, then a visit to your doctor is mandatory! It could be a sign of early hepatitis B or cirrhosis and that’s no joke!

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6. You gained more weight lately

Eating a cheat meal per week won’t affect anybody, but what if you eat normally and as balanced as possible but out of nowhere you gain some weight? Does the scale scare you? This is also an indication that your liver is not working properly.

We were talking earlier about cirrhosis; a liver disease which is probably the worst. When you have cirrhosis your healthy liver tissues are being replaced by the damaged ones blocking the blood flow, and of course the organ doesn’t work properly anymore.

7. You lost more weight lately

As a reverse to the previous symptom, when you have liver disease one of the things that is serious is losing weight unexpectedly.

Of course, most of us are happy when we are losing some weight that was stubborn enough to stay there for the whole season, but when it’s happening too fast it’s actually pretty bad.

This one is also a sign of hepatitis C, a serious infection that leads to cirrhosis.

8. Your palms are turning red

Doctors say that this symptom appears mostly in people who have a fatty liver. This doesn’t mean that you’ve been drinking too much alcohol. In fact, those who barely touch alcoholic drinks are having this issue. A quick check-up from your doctor is the best way to find out what the cause of the issue is.

It’s for sure a red flag, but don’t panic! Identifying the problem in the very beginning might make it easier to treat.

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9. You notice changes in your mood

According to some patients, mood swings are one of the symptoms you will experience if you have liver issues. If the memory loss symptom mentioned above scares you, then you might pay attention to your mood as well. 

Dealing with this and not being able to recognize yourself anymore can be frustrating. If your liver isn’t functioning well anymore, that can affect the brain function as well. Ask yourself what the cause of your sadness is, or maybe you’ve noticed that you’re angrier than before. It’s time to plan a serious check-up with your doctor.

10. You bruise easily

When you get older, the skin will become thinner so this is going to be something that can occur more often than usual. But it might also be a sign of liver disease if you haven’t hurt yourself accidentally lately.

11. You feel more bloated than usual

It’s either because you ate that salad with so many tomatoes in it or it’s because you might have another problem. If a bigger portion of your meal is not the root of the problem, then it might be due the buildup of fluid in your abdomen.

Since this one is a common sign of liver issues, you might wanna check on what the cause of your bloating is.

12. You get the chills more often

In the middle of a hot summer day, you’re suddenly feeling cold? Hmmm… this might be one of the least common symptoms you’re dealing with liver disease. It might be a sign of “cholestasis” and the doctors say that occurs when the organ’s flow of bile has stopped completely.

Do you realize how much your liver depends on you? Do a check-up with your doctor at least twice a year just to make sure you aren’t experiencing any sort of issue. Having a healthy liver is basically the root of healthcare.

The most important organ in your body will be happy if you take care of it properly! Having a balanced diet and some physical motion at least 30 minutes per day will help your liver more than you think.

You only have one body! Take care of it as much as possible.

Have you ever experienced these symptoms? If the answer is yes, call your doctor and make an appointment!

Note: Don’t forget to get rid of some unhealthy foods you might consume daily that can affect your liver’s health: sugar actually occupies the first place as the most dangerous ingredient you should remove from your diet.

Choose foods with little sodium or no salt at all and pick poultry or skinless meat (especially fish) and prepare them in a healthier way. Also make sure you pick dairy that is fat free or have 5% fat.
Don’t forget about alcohol which is probably the first thing you need to give up on in order to have a healthy liver, even if it’s occasionally.

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