12 Signs You’re Way Too Dehydrated

too dehydrated
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…How do I know if am I too dehydrated? 

I am sure that all of us know that it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day or half a gallon. The benefits are numerous, such as nice, glowing, healthy-looking skin, having more energy, eating fewer calories, which leads to weight loss, proper function of your organs, and so many other things.

If you are not drinking enough water throughout the day, your cells can’t do their job the way they should. This is why people can only survive for three or five days (if you’re lucky) without H2O.

Sadly, a lot of adults and kids don’t consume as many fluids as they should, which can point to a medical condition called chronic dehydration.

There are also other factors that can lead to extreme dehydration, such as excessive sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, working out too much, or staying in the sun for a long period of time.

According to scientists, long-term dehydration can lead to several health issues and it can even be life-threatening in some cases. With that being said, it is very important to consume the right amount of water for your own specific needs.

There are many indicators that show you if you are too dehydrated and in today’s article, we will talk about 12 of these symptoms.

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10 thoughts on “12 Signs You’re Way Too Dehydrated”

  1. It took me 30 years of my adult life w/ many experiences of headaches, dry skin, veritgo, low blood pressure (60/30 sent me to the hospital), constipation, irritated (hyper) thyroid w/ restless sleeping and heart palpitations only to discover all the above was from just be dehydrated and that drinking water (most affordable fix) was the cure!! I no longer drink sodium filled soda or energy drinks. I drink twice the water of the 2 cups of coffee I still enjoy and I have never felt better as I approach my 60th Birthday!

    1. Thank you, Cynthia. I am trying to increase my water intake and I have noticed that my skin is (almost) flawless…I have the younger generations asking me what I use on my skin!!! Also, I cut out 99% of the sodas (I love ginger ale) and 100% of wine. If we only knew then that the simple things are the best. Take care.

    1. For most people, even considering variations in body type, ie. lean vs. fat, a good general rule of thumb to calculate the minimum amount of water one needs for optimum hydration is generally determined by one’s weight as follows:
      Divide your weight in half and consume that many ounces of water per day.
      For example, if you weigh 200 lbs, 200 divided by 2 =100 ounces, or just about 3/4 of a gallon.

    2. I ready a study 2 days ago saying you should be drinking half your body weight. Ex: 140lbs in body weight then drink 70oz. 2001bs drink 100oz

    3. Concerned Citizen

      I read somewhere that a person should drink half their weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 140 lbs., you should drink 70 ounces of water per day. This works for me and since we all are different weights, it makes more sense than a set amount for everyone.

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