10 Shocking Rules McDonald’s Employees HAVE to Follow

What odd rules do McDonald’s employees have to follow? 

Just like most big companies, McDonald’s wouldn’t be the global fast food chain that it is today without keeping it’s tactics secret and imposing some rules for the employees. And despite what you may think, it’s a rigorous job with some strict rules.

It’s obvious that any company needs a set of rules in order to keep the business organized and perform to the best of its abilities, but some of the McDonald’s practices are a bit strict and weird, but you’ll have to decide for yourself. Regardless, we all love a good cheeseburger from now and then, and their coffee is even better, so these may not stop us from going there.

So if you want to bring the delicious McDonald’s coffee to the comfort of your own house, you can try out these coffee pods, perfect for a busy day. But until then, check out these 10 rules that any McDonald’s employee has to follow.

1. Refuse some customer orders

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Although the drive-thru is one of McDonald’s most essential components of the company, you will be unable to be served if you arrive on foot or by bicycle. However, the majority of McDonald’s establishments will allow motorcycles to order at their drive-thru. In addition, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that show people going at their local drive-thru in golf carts and ATVs, so check that out for some amusement.

2. Stay composed around celebrities

You might expect celebrities to prefer eating at fancy restaurants, however they love McDonald’s just as much as we do. Plenty of superstars, such as Taylor Swift or Ben Affleck have been spotted enjoying classic McDonald’s meals, so don’t judge yourself too harshly when you begin to crave some fast food.

When an occasion like this happens, the staff will remain calm and treat the celebrity like every other customer. They are instructed to employ this type of behavior, in addition to not asking for selfies and actions of this manner. This being said, there is something special about McDonald’s food  that makes everyone asking for more, no matter in what social position they’re in.

Talking about social hierarchy, even Barack Obama has been seen eating at a McDonald’s, and famous billionaire Jeff Bezos has worked for the company at the age of 16 as a cashier.

3. Refuse tips

I’m sure you noticed that in all McDonald’s restaurants there are no tip boxes for employees. This is due to the company’s no-tipping policy, so all the additional money that comes from sales and money that is left behind by clients is sent directly to the charity box. And that’s a strict rule!

The most famous charity program held by the company is the Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMCH), whose goal is to develop, identify, and support programs that directly benefit children’s health and well-being. Some employees even stated that keeping the tips for themselves can be considered as theft.

4. Don’t use the phone at work

Since the beginning of their shift, all staff should forget that they own a phone or any type of device that may obscure their work-flow. As some employee handbooks say, smartphones must not be used, visible or audible in any way. These rules include also not being able to take any photos or videos on the restaurant’s territory as well.

More than that, all McDonald’s staff is warned to be cautious when posting their opinions on social media, so that it’s clear that their thoughts don’t represent the company as a whole. It is also not allowed to reveal any trade secrets or recipes on such platforms, but we’ll dive into more details in a further paragraph.

5. They can’t prepare food for themselves

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Most times, employees will need to eat during their shift. Even though they have the right to either free food or large discounts (by decision of the location), they are not supposed to make their own food.

Multiple staff rules handbooks state that if an employee gets off work for their meal pause, a manager is supposed to cook their order and construct it for them, while the employee waits for the meal in the customer zone. I think that’s a bit weird… Why aren’t they allowed to do it themselves?

6. Strict schedule 

In accordance to the before mentioned employee handbooks, the staff is not allowed to arrive earlier than 15 minutes before they clock in or hang out around for more than 15 minutes after they finish their work. It is also prohibited to pass time around the manager’s office, safe or locker area.

This may have something to do with the safety of sensitive information, but they have not disclosed the reason behind this rule. Why do YOU think their schedule is so strict?

7. Be careful what they post on social media

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As mentioned before, McDonald’s employees are not allowed to use their phones during their shift and must be careful when posting on their personal social media wall. These rules are enforced especially for the higher-ups of the enterprise, which have access to sales figures, business plans and data such as statistics to show if certain products or marketing campaigns have been successful or not.

If such things were to be leaked, rival restaurants would gain an advantage, since they could easily copy the successful things McDonald’s is doing.

8. They can only eat in a designated room 

To the majority of us, break time means your own personal time, which you get to spend wherever and however you desire. Surprisingly, this is not the case for McDonald’s workers. During the meal break, they cannot eat in the same area where the customers do, they have their own particular area.

This rule may be applied in order to create a sense of privacy for the staff, or a sense of discipline and order among their workers, in order to assure the customers that everything is taken care of.

9. Manicure restrictions

If you like having long, colorful nails you can eliminate your chances of  getting a job at McDonald’s. If you’re planning to apply for a position there, you first need to cut your nails and keep them short, clean and natural. This rule is one of the most normal ones, since handling food should be made as clean and bacteria-free as possible.

Besides the hygienic advantage, short nails should also allow the employee to assemble the food more easily, and it could also prevent some work-related accidents such as scratches and other types of unwanted incidents.

10. Outfit restrictions

We all know the famous uniforms that employees wear. Except for the pants, everyone who works at McDonald’s is given a uniform. Of course, those can’t wear leggings or ripped denim, since they have to present in a certain way in front of the customers.

They took the uniform policy into their own hands in several nations, and even though it may vary from one country to another, they usually respect the same theme, slightly adapted to the culture of the country.

Do you consider some of these odd rules to be a bit too much? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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