10 Fast Food Items You Should NEVER Eat

How often do you consume fast food products? On average, 8 out of 10 Americans choose to eat from a fast food restaurant at least once a month. Although we all know that this is very unhealthy for us, its convenience and tastiness makes us addicted to it. And YES, believe it or not, fast food can be addictive just like nicotine and other substances. Salt, sugar, and fat can cause cravings that make you want to eat even more.
The good news is that you don’t have to give up on it completely, but choose wisely what kind of food you put into your body. Otherwise, this will lead to unwanted diseases, weight gain, depression, and many other things.
We can’t deny how appealing fast food is. It’s accessible, quick, and tastes delicious. Which is what makes it seem like the best option. With such little time in the day, it’s hard to accomplish everything, so many people choose to eat from a fast food restaurant. But the truth is, the convenience is not worth the price you’ll have to pay when it comes to your health and general well-being.

1. McNuggets 

Fast Food
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When you pull up to a fast food restaurant, all you care about is getting delicious food as soon as possible. And many people’s favorite item on the McDonald’s menu is chicken nuggets.

Employees are the only ones who know that this is the worst item you could order. You might be wondering… How harmful can a few nuggets be? Other than the fact that only 45% of a McNugget is made from chicken breast meat, they can sit in a warming container all day up until someone orders them and I bet you wouldn’t want to eat your fast food stale.

2. McCafe drinks

Another McDonald’s item you should pass on is any type of drink from the McCafe section. According to ex-employees, the machines they use to prepare these products, including the famous ice cream machine, are the most neglected ones when it comes to cleaning. It’s likely that your coffee or ice cream contains residues of spoiled milk, old coffee grains and other things that have been sitting there for a long time.

Allegedly, most employees haven’t even been trained on how to maintain these machines to a proper standard of cleanliness, so the parts of the machines that the drinks come out of are probably not that sanitary.

3. Chili from Wendy’s

Even though it tastes and looks delicious, you probably won’t order it ever again after this. The chili is prepared with leftover hamburger meat from the grill. The meat is collected in a jar until enough is accumulated to prepare a serving of chili using rehydrated beans and water.

So your chili meal from Wendy’s is a concoction of old and overcooked meat and other cheap ingredients that besides being disgusting, are most certainly not nutritious and good for your body.

This is one fast food item i’ll make sure to never eat again..

4. Garnishes

Even though garnish is what makes a plate look appealing and takes it to the next level, it’s also the most reused item in the kitchen, especially at fast foods. Many restaurants will wash lemons, salad or parsley from people who did not eat them and serve them to the next ones in order to reduce costs and waste.

Obviously, nobody wants to eat a piece of lemon that has been in other people’s drinks or plates and is definitely not sanitary, no matter how well these items are cleaned. That being said, you might want to think twice the next time you eat the garnish from a fast-food place.

5. Dunkin’ Donuts

Fast Food
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Preservatives are added to frozen meals to keep them fresh, and consuming too many preservatives might be hazardous to your health. And I’m sorry to break it to you, but your favorite doughnuts from Dunkin’s are delivered frozen and cooked there.

Not to mention that usually, the oil they cook the doughnuts in can be old and reused so many times that it can cause various stomach issues over time. Clearly, eating a donut once won’t hurt, but make sure to not make a habit out of it.

6. Seafood items 

Seafood may appear to be a healthy choice, but these items are not prepared the way they should be. Employees from fast food joints claim that tuna is poured from a plastic package, the water or oil is squeezed out, and then mayonnaise is mixed in equal parts with the tuna in many of the sandwich chains.

Furthermore, several staff claim that the mayonnaise is kept out at room temperature all day. Others claim that day-old chicken patties or nuggets are stripped of their coating of bread, diced up, and served as chicken salad at other restaurants.

7. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a staple of the American diet. Being on the menu at sporting events, food carts, summer outings, and cafeterias are nearly inevitable. However, beneath the bun is a manufactured meat product with suspicious additives sourced from factory farms, which are notorious for animal brutality.

Unfortunately, this delicious treat is not always up to basic standards. Employees claim that they are kept hydrated by warm water, with the leftovers being refrigerated and reused for the following event. In case you were wondering.. yes, you may have eaten a hot dog that had been sitting around for a month.

Disgusting, right?

8. Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple from Wendy’s

This burger is the highest in calories on the menu, with 1,520 calories and 106 grams of fat. Fat should account for 20-35 percent of calories in our diet, which means a person should consume between 44 and 77 grams of fat on a 2,000-calorie diet. The Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, with 390 calories, 24 grams of fat, and 660 milligrams of salt, is a better choice when it comes to fast food.

It is true that everybody has a different type of body, but the average amount of calories per day for a person ranges anywhere between 1200 and 1800. Taking this into consideration, this burger fulfills your daily calorie intake, which obviously is not enough food for the entire day. You should consider a better option when going to Wendy’s.

9. McDonald’s Big Breakfast and Hotcakes

This meal also has approximately 1,300 calories, despite the fact that it is simply breakfast. It has 123 percent of your daily saturated fat allowance and 91 percent of your daily salt allowance. You will most likely feel bloated after having this breakfast and it’s the fastest route towards obesity.

Maybe you can try this instant oatmeal pack for a more nutritious breakfast, but just as delicious. This provides you with essential nutrients, such as fiber, Omega 3 and other vital nutrients, and is just as quick as fast food.

10. Items from the ”secret” menu at Starbucks

Fast Food
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Customers frequently inquire about the Starbucks hidden menu, but there isn’t one. Lately, this ”secret” menu has gained more and more popularity. The idea of an alternative menu stems from the fact that certain inventive consumers have concocted successful mixtures. If you want a unique drink, simply tell your barista what you want.

”Secret” menu items can also be an opportunity for Starbucks employees to charge you more by adding a variety of ingredients into your drink, making it extra expensive, on top of their already high prices. So don’t fall into this trap and be specific with your order.

Fast food has definitely become part of our lives and it’s hard to let go of it. The least we can do is avoid eating these items and fast food in general, while properly taking care of our bodies and being mindful of what we put in it.

Which items will you give up on after reading this article? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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