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15 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Doctor

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13. Whatever You Think Is Best…

You should always respect a doctor’s opinion, but this doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your own voice because of that—especially as you age.

An article about the patient-doctor relationship, published by AARP, pointed out that a breakdown in communication could have a negative impact. According to Maysel Kemp White, Ph.D., a member of the American Academy of Communication in Healthcare, data shows very clearly that when patients are actively taking part in their decision-making, and their perspectives and opinions are incorporated into a healthcare plan, there are much better outcomes.

14. Will That Definitely Take Care of This?

Physicians are medical professionals whose work is based on science, but they also draw on their own experiences and observations. Yet, they still cannot guarantee any outcome. You may obviously feel the need to ask for one, but don’t.

Dr. Carol Tanksley, a veteran medical doctor who’s also a life coach and author, has pointed out that experience and science can project what a standard outcome of medication, surgery, or other treatment may be. But it’s just that: standard.

According to her, no doctor can guarantee that you’ll respond in a typical way. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t talk to your healthcare professional about your treatment or procedure. What you should do instead is ask them the pros and cons of it so you can make an informed decision.

15. Can I Get That for Free?

This phrase usually puts doctors in an awkward position. By asking this, you basically ask them to give you something for nothing. Experts suggest playing by the rules in every way you can. For instance, if you have health insurance, make sure you know the limitations of your policy.

It’s completely fine to ask for extras—filling out paperwork, medication samples, etc.—but don’t demand them. Keep in mind that if your physician can’t make a profit, she or he can’t stay in business to take care of you.

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