Wednesday, September 20

15 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Doctor

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3. I Need You to Prescribe This…

We’re all bombarded by magazine ads and lengthy commercials for all kinds of medications. And if one sounds tempting and perhaps ideal for you, feel free to ask your doctor for more information about it—but never demand it.

According to Dr. Lisa Van Alles, a spiritual director and executive coach who has written about chronic pain, asking for a specific pain medication will make you look like you’re drug-seeking. If you really want to try a new medication, ask your healthcare expert if she or he thinks that it would be good for your situation.

4. Hold On, I Can’t Hear You…

Telemedicine has become pretty common, especially during the COVID pandemic. Even now, when the pandemic is over, people are more open to this modern way of seeking medical help. In other words, video visits are now less intimidating.

However, if you’re about to have your first one, UChicago Medicine gives some recommendations on creating the perfect environment to help the whole process go smoothly. A video visit requires paying attention to elements such as noise levels, lighting, space needed (you may be asked to lie down or move around), and privacy.

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