Wednesday, September 20

15 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Doctor

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1. I Can’t Remember My Medications…

Your chart should contain your latest medication list, so your doctor should be up-to-date with your current treatment. However, if you’re taking new supplements or vitamins or you’ve recently changed providers, make sure you have a list of everything you’re taking when seeing your doctor.

This is especially important during an online doctor’s visit, as experts from the University of Chicago Medicine point out. Moreover, you should have the bottles handy and say which ones will need refills.

2. I Know Exactly What This Is…

According to Prevention, a brand that has been a source of health information for about 70 years, most doctors cringe when they hear patients say they know exactly what is wrong with them.

Yes, we’re all guilty of searching some keywords on Google before our doctor’s appointments, but let them do their job. Your doctor will ask the questions and determine what they think may be going on, based on your symptoms and your personal health history.

After all, you wouldn’t want them telling you how to do your job…

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