8 Signs You’ve Had Enough Coffee for Today

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Coffee is the quintessential daily beverage for more than 80% of the planet! It’s tasty and easy to drink, and when combined with milk, sugar, or cream, this beverage is definitely one of the things we can’t wait to have in the morning. But like any other “vice,” too much caffeine has risks.

When does too much become too much? Studies have shown that more than 400 milligrams per day, which is the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee, can expose a person to a lot of health risks, one of which is strictly connected to heart attacks.

However, if you’re more than just a casual coffee drinker and you double or triple the dosage because you don’t really feel the effects anymore, you’ve probably developed some sort of immunity and you won’t experience most of its negative effects.

We are about to reveal some of the worst negative effects of excessive caffeine consumption, so keep reading the article by clicking on the next page.

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