Hearing Loss: 6 Signs You Should Go Get Your Ears Checked

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#4 People seem to be mumbling more and more around you!

One of the earliest signs that there may be something wrong with your hearing is the fact that you are no longer able to hear high-pitched sounds well. This will lead to you feeling like people around you are mumbling more often than not. Not to mention, it will also bring you to the brink of frustration because you cannot discern high-frequency sounds anymore!

These sounds that we are talking about are consonants and digraphs, which are the ones that are something like “sh” and “ch,” just to name a few. You will be able to hear vowels and softer sounds, but the ones that are a bit more pronounced will be a struggle that is going to make people seem like they are always mumbling instead of talking to you.

To help visualize how this sign may appear to some people who are hard of hearing, a sentence like “The elephant has a long trunk” will sound like “e ele–a– -a- a long run.” Yeah, that sounds horrible even when we try to read it; it’s no wonder people think others are mumbling!

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