Hearing Loss: 6 Signs You Should Go Get Your Ears Checked

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#3 You never seem to remember what people have told you

Memory goes hand in hand with hearing. This means that once you start to experience the first signs of hearing loss, you will also notice that your memory is getting worse. Or is it? The truth is that you may end up realizing that you can no longer remember things as well as you used to before you realize that there may be something wrong with your hearing.

Memory problems occur because when you’re struggling to see what people are saying to you, you can no longer make the most of your short-term memory. We generally remember things because we clump together pieces of information, and by making these associations, we end up memorizing things. If you end up using your short-term memory in order to piece together a sentence someone is saying because you cannot hear it well, then you will not be able to remember what the actual message of the sentence was.

People with hearing loss who miss sounds from a sentence end up having to use their memory more and more for the purpose of hearing and understanding conversations, and at some point this will impact the way in which they can remember pieces of information.

So before you think you are starting to lose your memory, make sure that you get a hearing exam. It is possible that you are developing Alzheimer’s as a result of a problem with your ears.

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