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Don't have the time to try and find my way through the actual discussions.Davehttps://healthyreads.comdavepecenka@comcast.netHow did I get on your subscription list?Greetings, I do not think I knowingly subscribed to your healthy reads. So, please explain to me how I became a subscriber. I would like to understand so that I can avoid doing this in the future. So, please be specific as to the source from which you obtained my email address. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Dave PecenkaJanell Andersonhttps://healthyreads.comedwardandjanell@comcast.netstop sending me stuffUNSUBSCRIBE MeLarry E Lewishttps://healthyreads.comlewcat28@comcast.netinteresting reads etcto many emailsGwen Calhounhttps://healthyreads.comgjcbwm@yahoo.comAll emailsThe subject matter of your emails are often timely & relevant to situations in my life. 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