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Kekehttps://healthyreads.comklglen04@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Yes, Unsubscribe pleasewilliam b. foglehttps://healthyreads.comwmbfogle@aol.comNew BookHow can I get this book featured by your site? https://www.amazon.com/Stroke-Survivors-Tale-Survivor-Caregivers-ebook/dp/B0BGMM9H6B/ref=zg_bs_156563011_sccl_1/141-5871590-4437433?pd_rd_i=B0BGMM9H6B&psc=1 Redsoxmary@yahoo.comhttps://healthyreads.comredsoxmary@yahoo.comUnsubscribe. Too much.UNSUBSCRIBEkathy huskeyhttps://healthyreads.comkhuskey3202@comcast.netunsubscribeunscubscribe from all emailskathy huskeyhttps://healthyreads.comkhuskey3202@comcast.netunsubscribeunscubscribe from all emailsNestorhttps://healthyreads.comspookboo@comcast.netRight wing You’re a right wing election denying website Ralph Tyksinskihttps://healthyreads.comrevralph341@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease take my name off your listings.Suzanne Tolmie https://healthyreads.comsuzanne.tolmie@ymail.comJunk emailsUnsubscribe nowSusan https://healthyreads.compughugger148@yahoo.comComplaint: too lengthyIt would be great to have the quick answer to your proposed question and Then all your other information that you are now providing. It takes too long to read through everything everytime to get to the answer, so I am unsubscribing.Hhttps://healthyreads.comparttinecycles@yahoo.comHTake me off this listDan Windishmanhttps://healthyreads.comdwindishman@comcast.netUNWANTED EMAILS FROM YOULEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE WITH YOUR BULLSHIT, UNWANTED CRAP!!Len https://healthyreads.comlenbunyard@gmail.comHealthy readI was interested in your healthy read not your political agenda.....Linda gloverhttps://healthyreads.comLKGlover@verizon.netUnsubscribingI want OFF your list please.Dale McCallhttps://healthyreads.comdalconmc@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBETAKE ME OFF ALL OF YOUR LISTS!Dale McCallhttps://healthyreads.comdalconmc@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBETake me off all your listsDihttps://healthyreads.comewchrist@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE INMEDIATELY!!Sheila Donovan https://healthyreads.comsheila.donovan1@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribeThis website is a total scam. It’s an advertising hook.LURThttps://healthyreads.comredtr4@comcast.netUNSBSCRIBE MEUNSUBSCRIBE MEMother Fockerhttps://healthyreads.comrjoslin1@comcast.netUnsubscribe MeYou contact me one more time, and you will be tracked down. Leave me alone.Judy Hillhttps://healthyreads.comjudyhillrealtor@yahoo.comPlease unsubscribe meNot interestedSally Barclay https://healthyreads.comsaligator22@ymail.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from the sites that I have checked.Mary Tracyhttps://healthyreads.commrtracy8@comcast.netUnsubscribe Stop sending me emailsTom Gaugerhttps://healthyreads.comtomgauger@comcast.netHealthy ReadsLike most people i have a healthy disregard for unsolicited and not desired email. The concept of having to "opt out" when I never asked or "opted in" is infuriating, a waste of your time and mine. Beyond that, it is also a violation of various regulations by the Federal Trade Commission if I've previously notified you to discontinue. (I have) Finally, shot-gunning huge volumes of advertising works against the advertiser. Imake a pintof not buying anything from spam ads. Wanita M Grunkemeyerhttps://healthyreads.comgrunky@comcast.netHealthy FoodsI am not on Facebook. I do not desire to join!Steve Dailyhttps://healthyreads.comlsdaily51@comcast.netHealthy readsNot interested. Receive to much junk mailTracey Robinsonhttps://healthyreads.comrobinson63043@yahoo.comunsubscribingI am receiving a ton of emails and I don't know how I got onto the lists. Thank you for letting me select so many sources of emails/potential emails to unsubscribe. TraceyAngelahttps://healthyreads.comschrimpl@comcast.netUnsubscribe Too manybemailsPennyhttps://healthyreads.compbirtwistle@comcast.netunsubscribeI shouldn't have to unsubscribe every day for a week. Take me off your fucking listFred Salterhttps://healthyreads.comfredrock1@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from your email Michelle L Millerhttps://healthyreads.comjerrymushy@comcast.netunsubscribeplease take us off all your annoying e-mails. thanksFred Salterhttps://healthyreads.comfredrock1@comcast.netEmail Please stop sending me emails edith mearshttps://healthyreads.comrereandtc@verizon.netreason for unsubscribingToo many damn ads to get through to try and read articles!! You start out reading and the next thing you know you ‘re inthe middle of an ad totally unrelated to the article you’re trying to read. So frustrating I just give up and delete the e mail!Sydney Dawsonhttps://healthyreads.comCorybruic@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me -not interested in all that stuff. Just junky mailbox.Kathyhttps://healthyreads.comkjkissel@comcast.netunsubscribingPlease do not send any more emails, I dont read them, I dont have time to read, so just stop sending them. Thank youB Bovellhttps://healthyreads.combbovell@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe jim rossianohttps://healthyreads.comjimrossiano@comcast.netemailsQuit sending me your emails.Janhttps://healthyreads.comrh5228@yahoo.comcontributing writers/editorsAre you accepting articles from published writers/editors?Dottie https://healthyreads.comdhill234@comcast.comUnsubscribe I can’t ev n get to the content for all the ads. Horrible websiteDottiehttps://healthyreads.comdhill234@comcast.netYes unsubscribe meUnsubscribe meLindahttps://healthyreads.comlcburch@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me!!!!Michelle L Millerhttps://healthyreads.comjerrymushy@comcast.netunsubscribeNo more unwanted sites please.Marcia Wilkinsonhttps://healthyreads.comsawilkinson@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me. Thank you.JRhttps://healthyreads.comjarosales1@comcast.netUnsuscribe mePlease remove me from your emailing list and do not share this email address with other entities. Thank you.Denise L Burkharthttps://healthyreads.comdenise_burkhart@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Way too difficult to get to content. So please unsubscribe me. ASAP Diane Hugginshttps://healthyreads.comdphuggins@comcast.netYou requestI have never requested the daily emails and I do not want to receive them. Please unsubscribe me from all your emails.Suehttps://healthyreads.commcdonald308@comcast.netUnsubscribe meYes un subscribe me johnhttps://healthyreads.comjohn_r03@comcast.netallno interest in your offeringsCarol A Eisingerhttps://healthyreads.comeisinger53@comcast.netunsubscribebad siteCarol A Eisingerhttps://healthyreads.comeisinger53@comcast.netunsubscribebad sitecathyhttps://healthyreads.comchuber9@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribe meRachel Mackeyhttps://healthyreads.comradrach@comcast.netEmailsPlease unsubscribe me from all further emails thank youAngela Beresfordhttps://healthyreads.comangelasuehook@yahoo.comAdsYour web page sucks as does Trump. Lose my email. Kcuf Trump. Merica sucks but thank heavens it’s the minority Jane doehttps://healthyreads.comjdirish01@comcast.netEmailsStop sendingRlsauerhttps://healthyreads.comtowchain@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribeLolahttps://healthyreads.comtularosalibrary@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe this email address pleaseVicki Leehttps://healthyreads.comvlee722@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me pleaseIt’s too hard to get to the information you put on line. Sharon Lowehttps://healthyreads.comsherlow@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe meSharon Lowehttps://healthyreads.comsherlow@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe meSteve Bartonhttps://healthyreads.comssbarton@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe me!I have attempted to be unsubscribe for your lists for over 4 weeks. please please stop clogging my inbox with these unsolicited junk!janhttps://healthyreads.comnelson.jan@comcast.netFILING A COMPLAINT NOWSTOP EMAILING THIS ADDRESS OR I WILL FILE A COMPLAINT WITH OUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND FCCS @ email fraud claims I have requested 6x my address be removed from ALL of you solicitationBarbara Stannardhttps://healthyreads.commoveslowliketurtl@rocketmail.comunsubscribeRe: Healthy Reads overall, too many emails in my in boxSteve https://healthyreads.comntx1dbg@yahoo.comUnSubSusan Earlyhttps://healthyreads.comsusanearly@yahoo.comUnsubscribingThis site has too much CLICK BAIT and tons of Ads in my face. Don't have the time to try and find my way through the actual discussions.Davehttps://healthyreads.comdavepecenka@comcast.netHow did I get on your subscription list?Greetings, I do not think I knowingly subscribed to your healthy reads. So, please explain to me how I became a subscriber. I would like to understand so that I can avoid doing this in the future. So, please be specific as to the source from which you obtained my email address. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Dave PecenkaJanell Andersonhttps://healthyreads.comedwardandjanell@comcast.netstop sending me stuffUNSUBSCRIBE MeLarry E Lewishttps://healthyreads.comlewcat28@comcast.netinteresting reads etcto many emailsGwen Calhounhttps://healthyreads.comgjcbwm@yahoo.comAll emailsThe subject matter of your emails are often timely & relevant to situations in my life. However, I would appreciate and read them if they were more succinct & to the point with the help and answers I’m looking for instead of the fluff, padding, & multiple clicks to finally get the answer that was the subject matter of the attention getting headline in the first place. I would prefer the answer first & evidence, research, testimonies & cost information to come in after the answer.Michael Roophttps://healthyreads.commroop8806@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeThomas Murphyhttps://healthyreads.comtommyj44@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from ALL!Joanhttps://healthyreads.comjoress11@yahoo.comHealthyreads,comNsubscribe meJacqueline Mosshttps://healthyreads.comjacquelinemoss@comcast.netUnsubscribe I’m only interested in double blind peer reviewed health information Dori Baileyhttps://healthyreads.comBAILEY_0611@YAHOO.COMReplyI don't know why you send me these emails I never wanted to receive them in the first place so I'm not happy don't send me any more emails from anythingelhttps://healthyreads.comelathouse@yahoo.comunsubscribetoo many long videos 7 suchJohn https://healthyreads.comjorodnreel@aol.comAny and all subjects Not the least bit interested Shela Kaufmanhttps://healthyreads.comshelakaufman@yahoo.comUnsuscribeUNSUBSCRIBE CRIBE SALCOCONSULTINGhttps://healthyreads.comsalcoconsulting@aol.comUnsubsribedelete my email from all future emails. Fiodhttps://healthyreads.comnmtoni123@yahoo.comFunCEASE & DESISTJoel Emanuelhttps://healthyreads.comjoelsother-other@yahoo.comCancellation of any subscriptionsPlease cancel my subscriptions to the Email address listed above.Jo https://healthyreads.comjodie.ignite@yahoo.comIncessant emails STOP sending me all of these unsolicited emails immediately. steven douglas conradhttps://healthyreads.comgrifpat@comcast.netunsubscribeplease unsubscribe meKen loganhttps://healthyreads.comken.logan42@ymail.comUnsubscribeYes I want to Unsubscribe. Mary Henryhttps://healthyreads.commhenry551@yahoo.comToo hard to followALL of your articles are impossible to follow. I am finished wasting time in my life trying to read about….the ten whatever. Unsubscribing. Just a waste of time!Nickhttps://healthyreads.comnln9899@gmail.comHealth articlesCancel subscription! Try reading articles and you only get less than half way through and the article gets twisted up with ads and no link to complete reading the article! But I guess advertising is more important than giving your subscribers articles to read!Noella Martinhttps://healthyreads.comnoel49@comcast.netunsubscribeno longer interestedgrace o EDWARDShttps://healthyreads.comGRACEORR@AOL.COMunsubscribe meunsubscribe meShanellhttps://healthyreads.comshanell.king@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Every time I try to read an article I have to navigate through 100 ads it’s so frustrating I don’t have the energy or time Suzanhttps://healthyreads.commyheartsingz@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me from all participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program,please unsubscribe me from healthyreads.com and all participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program, now and in the future. I DID NOT give permission to have my e-mail used in this way, and I will take legal action if this continues. If I have inadvertently given permission in the past, I now revoke that permission and withdraw my permission and explicitly demand that I be taken off all participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, now and into perpetuity. thanks 4 your understanding! Suzanne Lerner 12 20 22Jennifer Rockerhttps://healthyreads.comjbrocker707@aol.comAdvertisementsI get a lot of advertising documents and they take much too long to give information. For example: “ 8 signs that you’re having a heart attack” goes into something totally unrelated and I’m not interested in that. I understand it’s advertising but I will get information from my doctor - not from the internet.Barbhttps://healthyreads.combarbroman2000@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meDeb Gahmanhttps://healthyreads.comgahmandeb@aol.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Bernard Andersonhttps://healthyreads.combernardanderson100@yahoo.comService Excellent stories Alan Myershttps://healthyreads.comlongfordasurf@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me from all emailTonihttps://healthyreads.comte.demay@yahoo.comGeneral Unsubscribe Jeff P Herrohttps://healthyreads.comibanezrt650@aol.comemail subscriptionMy email confirmation subscription link is not being sent. Thanks, JeffMargihttps://healthyreads.commargienewyork@aol.comTake me off yourLYou have too many adds. Have to navigate thru adds to read article. Forget it!Denis Freemanhttps://healthyreads.comfreeman8504@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me pleaseI did not request this.Ali Stearns https://healthyreads.comamstearns58@yahoo.comReason for unsubscribingI have enjoyed your articles, but I don't have time to sort through all the ads to get the actual articles...sometimes I never can find it. That is why I am unsubscribing.Michelle Tuelhttps://healthyreads.commichtuel@verizon.netNewsletter I requested to be removed from the newsletter because there are way too many advertisements. I like your newsletter, I just get frustrated with having to push a lot of buttons just to read one newsletter edhttps://healthyreads.comSHIVA90028@YAHOO.COMunsubscribeUnsubscribe my email address.Mhttps://healthyreads.comstentz777@aol.comEmailsPlease unsubscribe from all emailsRamhttps://healthyreads.comrawmadison@yahoo.comYour articlesGave up can’t read your articles can’t get through the adsMarian Boisverthttps://healthyreads.comm.boisvert@yahoo.comWhy I had to unsubscribe Your articles are unreadable due to all the ads. Marnee https://healthyreads.commarneeslp@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Your article discussing the new Covid strain recommends a booster cardia/blood clot vaccination and doesn’t mention anything about natural defenses…this is propaganda not medical research. Angelahttps://healthyreads.comAstjohn77@ymail.comStopSending me this bullshit. I dont know who you are & never signed up for this crapJon Davishttps://healthyreads.comgood2bdking63@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please stop sending me emails.Jergis Rudkishttps://healthyreads.comjergisrudkis@yahoo.comCovid 19You are asking me to help perpetuate a fraud by reading your fradulant material on covid. Go away and don't come back.Arthur Martinezhttps://healthyreads.comarthurraul88@comcast.netHealth readsTake me off health reads . I do not want to be barbered with your information .Deb Bosshttps://healthyreads.comloudeboss@aol.comToo many clicks Very frustrating to read; once the email is open, there are so many distracting ads, the main content is not easily accessible.Mike https://healthyreads.commikemiddleton060264@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe meMarciahttps://healthyreads.comageorge6@ymail.comToo many emsilsI receive too many emails from too many of your affiliates so I want to unsubscribe from all of them. Bradly Hoskinshttps://healthyreads.comhoskinsbg@yahoo.comUnsubcribe mePlease stop sending emailFaith Tudorhttps://healthyreads.comjimfaithtudor@yahoo.comTriggeringIf you care about people's health please stop triggering my severe depressive episodes, anxiety and panic attacks and take me off your damn email list, please!Beverly luchardhttps://healthyreads.combeverlyluchard@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe meP. Watershttps://healthyreads.comehenry1226@aol.comSnowUnsubscribe me now. Joseph V Cassarino https://healthyreads.cominfo@thebestimmunesupport.comInfo - Scientific Discovery I represent Dr. Albert B. Crum, M.D., DSc (Hon), M.S. who discovered glutathione synthesis, a scientific formula that induces cells to produce glutathione intracellularly as nature designed. Glutathione is depleted in everyone’s cells living in modern times due to toxins and chemicals in processed foods, PCB’s in plastic food wrappings and bottled drinks, electromagnet frequencies all around us and pollutants in the air we breathe. These toxins cause cells to form oxidative stress and decay and become diseased. GLUTATHIONE is what removes toxins and oxidative stress and the scientific formula Dr. Crum discovered which is a safe, dietary supplement replenishes glutathione inside the cells so the cells reduce the toxins. Please contact me at info.@TheBestImmuneSupport.com if you would like a copy of a press release to publish or if you would like to interview me. I am the appointed global distributor by Dr. Crum plus I am his business consultant. Best regards, Joseph V Cassarino www.TheBestImmuneSupport.comEve Mercierhttps://healthyreads.combutters_eve@yahoo.comI want to unsubscribe because I find your articules difficult to navigate around to get the infoI want to unsubscribe because I find your articles difficult to navigate around to get the infoRoy https://healthyreads.comroybrownell@aol.comNoneNoneRichard Smithhttps://healthyreads.comgpr105@aol.comunsubscribetoo many emailsPiscuehttps://healthyreads.comnonyagoddamnedbusiness@gmail.comHowHow the fuck did you get my email address?Rebecca Holzhttps://healthyreads.comrebeccaarlene@yahoo.comYes, unsubscribe meYes, unsubscribe meVerahttps://healthyreads.comV_era60@yahoo.comComplaintI unsubscribed because your emails send me in a big circle. Very frustrating. You post something of interest so I click on it, then click on the page it brings me to, click through another page only to be sent right back to where I started. Who needs that! Donna Russellhttps://healthyreads.comdrussellnurse@yahoo.comemailsI am not interested in this contentAlice Meierhttps://healthyreads.comalicef31@aol.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeJoehttps://healthyreads.comjatremoglie@yahoo.comCOVIDLEAVE ME ALONE With constantly telling me symptoms of a bad coldBobhttps://healthyreads.combob@yahoo.comSorry clickbaitCan’t even finish an article it so fragmented. Must be embarrassing to work here. Sorry.CCGhttps://healthyreads.comchristophercgallen@yahoo.comUnsubscribe from your listsI have unsubscribed from your emails repeatedly but still keep getting the SPAM. Please stop.Michael Philips https://healthyreads.comnottafinga22@yahoo.comPropagation of Covid fearPlease stop making Covid 19 something to fear by using phrases such as, "hunting us.” For too long the government, media, and medical community have been using fear as a means to have people dependent on them and not their own wits. It’s unprofessional, unethical, uncaring, evil, and wrong. Fuck Youhttps://healthyreads.comme@my.comspammerscompanies like yourself should be closed down, sick of the fuckin spam! I'll be sure to post some nice reviews online, you worthless fuckers, will be nice to get this auotmated so you can get junk all the time, enjoy that! Not a fuckin thing you can do about it LOLJoanne https://healthyreads.comjkaplita@yahoo.comHealthy reads Way too many ads. Unable to read articles. Stop sending. Not worth my time and effort Carolyn Chasehttps://healthyreads.comCAChase@aol.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEUNSUBSCRIBE MESuzanne Conrad https://healthyreads.comsuester1971@yahoo.comUnsubscribeThis is too much work to unsubscribe to something I didn't subscribe to!!!john julcherhttps://healthyreads.comjulcherj@yahoo.comtool sharpeningNot what I was expecting.Gerri Carpenterhttps://healthyreads.comgerri6751@aol.comReviewYour website is terribly difficult to navigate or even read the article. Way too many clickbait ads. Annoying,andrew schneiderhttps://healthyreads.coma41schneider@yahoo.comits tot much ads for me to get throughsee aboveRoland Nittolihttps://healthyreads.comrolandnittoli@yahoo.comContentYou state that there is a subject ,I click on it and there is only a short paragraph.And nothing about the 7 steps ....Scott Buckleyhttps://healthyreads.comsabinatl@yahoo.comUnsubscribing due to poor mobile experienceUnsubscribed because your mobile platform is too difficult to actually read articles. It is understandable that your website is advertisement driven for revenue, but at some point the game of trying to read the "health" article chum is ridiculous. Plenty of other similar sites, so poof...goodbye.Mikehttps://healthyreads.commike.reeves@cox.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe everything Mary lambhttps://healthyreads.comjer-n-bern@comcast.netUnsubscribe Stop emailing James Willsonhttps://healthyreads.comcementaz@cox.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME, PLEASENot interestedsharon younghttps://healthyreads.comsharon203@comcast.netunsuscribethank youAndrea https://healthyreads.comrocky91820@yahoo.comUnsubsidized me Not interested to much spam mailCarol Baldihttps://healthyreads.comcarolbharmony@yahoo.comWhat is annoying about your emailsIt is very annoying the way you take 9 pages to tell us what would fit on one or two pages. Please unsubscribe me. Thank youSteve ceosshttps://healthyreads.comihvmail@comcast.netYes, unsubscribe meYes, unsubscribe me Karen Markshttps://healthyreads.comcrowley90404@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me from all emails please Unsubscribe from all. Theresa https://healthyreads.com4us.bradleys@comcast.netUnsubscribe from all pleasePlease remove my email address from ALL your system choicesHarryhttps://healthyreads.commobitziiblock@yahoo.comRemove meI am sick of all the garbage I am receiving and want everything I do not recognize removed. Thank you for removing me from your list.April L Kinghttps://healthyreads.comking_cate@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe from all the emailsAnna Macuchhttps://healthyreads.comamacuch@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe I am not at all interested in receiving these advertisements, please unsubscribe from allPatricia Czysonhttps://healthyreads.comtczyson@yahoo.comCovidQuit putting the Covid scare in everyone. Enough alreadyMhttps://healthyreads.comm@yahoo.comI DID NOT SIGN UP FOR YOUR EMAILSI DID NOT SIGN UP FOR YOUR EMAILSRon Almadahttps://healthyreads.comronalmada@yahoo.comSTOPPlease stop, I never signed up for this and would like to stop sending me all emails. Thank youAlfredo Ramoshttps://healthyreads.comramosmaker@yahoo.comEmail addsNot interested in these adds.James Iaquintohttps://healthyreads.comJamesio@verizon.netUnsubscribeToo much emailGunars Neidershttps://healthyreads.comneidersg@comcast.neteverythingwhatRaven Steadhttps://healthyreads.comwingsofblashyrkh@gmail.comYou askedToo much right wing stuff attached to health info. Unsubscribed to everything because of this nonsense. Sssddddhttps://healthyreads.comknslowry917320@gmail.comStopWhyk barlowhttps://healthyreads.comfinitesquirrel@yahoo.comfeedbackI don't know how I got onto your email list, but I'm unsubscribing after clicking on a Healthy Reads email slugged "9 Symptoms of the New Covid Strain." The link provided no such content. Elizabeth Stewarthttps://healthyreads.comsaltpoint@aol.comToo many ads You have interesting articles but it’s impossible to read them with all the ads. There is no clear link to finish articles. It is so frustrating I don’t bother opening your emails. Shawn Fairleighhttps://healthyreads.comshawn6123@yahoo.comWaste of timeWhy can’t I ever read your actual articles. I get the headline- ten signs you’re drinking too much water. I get a paragraph, then none of the ten signs. Just a bunch of worthless ads for other things. What a joke. Not one of the ten items are viewable. Annoying.Kevin Watsonhttps://healthyreads.comharleyguy82060@yahoo.comunsubscribe me from any and all emailsunsubscribe me from any and all emailsThomas Stegemanhttps://healthyreads.comucharvey@yahoo.comunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all emails. Angiehttps://healthyreads.combutterflygirl2233@yahoo.comE-mailsPlease unsubscribe me from all e-mails. 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Never requested.Nancy Donahue https://healthyreads.comnanelldon@comcast.netLike receiving Healthy ReadsI like receiving Healthy Readsmehttps://healthyreads.comkingstitching@comcast.netemail spamStop sending me this stupid crap: HeaIthy_Reads <Tree@gravitirom.com> HeaIthy_Reads <TMV@pagesilonr.com> HeaIthy_Reads <unpowered@vitality-entrepreneur.com> HeaIthy_Reads <squaloid@smarticana.com> HeaIthy_Reads <rebelliousnesses@jukebox-caster.com> HeaIthy_Reads <Beersheebas@nivoace.com> HeaIthy_Reads <unintercalated@swsourceforce.com> HeaIthy-Reads <Apollinarian-Ports@techreviewlinks.com> This is how you conduct your business, not interesteddavehttps://healthyreads.comdave.nels@yahoo.comadsbeyond the pale!Mary Walker https://healthyreads.commwalker@themoneytizer.usAdvertising inquiryHello ! Do you accept display advertising on https://healthyreads.com ? If you do, how can we get in touch with the person responsible for display advertising collaborations? Thank you . 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We have a plethora of products, such as Barks No More, https://barksnomore.com, and Splash Foam Cleaner, https://buysplashcleaner.com. We are interested in promoting our products to your email list. Can you reply with details on your email rates, list size, and what options you have available to promote our products to your email list? If you have any questions, just let me know… and if you are not the correct person to chat with about this, can you please let us know who that person is and perhaps even put us in contact with them? Lastly, we are more than happy to jump on a call to discuss this further. Thank You In Advance, Hazel Melissa nunamakerhttps://healthyreads.commelissa.nunamaker@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Carahttps://healthyreads.comfaulkner4010@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me from every thing from you Unsubscribe me from every thing from ever company or associate that you are involved with. 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ANOTHER IN THE LONG LIST OF WEBSITE THAT ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR THE ORDINARY USER LIKE MEyeshttps://healthyreads.comsvkodali@yahoo.comI never subscribedI never subscribed, please don't send any more.Michael Reynoldshttps://healthyreads.commjr92115@yahoo.comreason for unsubscribingYour topics, while interesting, all seem to link to very long videos that end in a pitch to buy a particular product. Thanks, but no thanksFuck youhttps://healthyreads.comfuckyou@fuckyou.comFuckingscammersFucking scamnersRachel McLainhttps://healthyreads.comRachel_McLain66@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me.Anna Clarkhttps://healthyreads.comaclark@themoneytizer.usAdvertising proposal Hello team of healthyreads.com, I'm contacting you in order to find out if you could provide me with the contact of a person in charge of the advertising spaces on the website. I have an advertising proposal that you might be interested in. Thanks in advance! 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Nansie https://healthyreads.comstrobeling@yahoo.comSpamUnbelievable how much effort placed on selling info. Annehttps://healthyreads.comanneiri@yahoo.comReadability The topics interest me but I can’t seem to navigate your site successfully. Too many ads and distractions and I have yet to find an entire article. Too confusing, especially on a small phone. Nicole https://healthyreads.comyankeelady_1@yahoo.comMailing listUnsubscribe me from all of your lists immediately!Jeni prescotthttps://healthyreads.comfnerpp@yahoo.comEmailHow in gods green earth did I get on your email list (and so many other sites on the unsubscribe) Good bye!Mary L Lisbyhttps://healthyreads.commlisby48@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribe me to all of your contentJeff Ahttps://healthyreads.commichigan11465@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM YOUR EMAILSYou are sending me unwanted emails. Please UNSUBSCRIBE me. 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Because of your promotion of lying and dangerous advertising of these injections, we wish to UNSUBSCRIBE FROM YOUR SITE.Mary Khttps://healthyreads.commeb8811@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE No more emails!Gary Shipman https://healthyreads.comgshipman39@yahoo.comCovid shotStop the propaganda of the damn Covid shot! The shot has killed more people than the virus itself but no one is reporting this information??? LVASILKOhttps://healthyreads.comlvasilko@yahoo.comubsfthgjktoo many e-mailsFuck offhttps://healthyreads.comfuckoff@fuck.comEXPEDITE UNSUBSCRIBE REQUESTSI never signed up for these spam ass emails yet every time I go to unsubscribe, more of your shitty ass emails are sent to me. 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I can't be bothered with it any more.Terry Dawsonhttps://healthyreads.comseattleter@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Gloria Van Voorhishttps://healthyreads.comsilksatinbridal@yahoo.comAdvertising Not interested in any of themSTEVE JOHNSONhttps://healthyreads.comsteveretired75@aol.comemailsI do not want to see anymore emails from you Lynnhttps://healthyreads.comlynnmfurey37@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me from allUnsubscribe me from allLynnhttps://healthyreads.comlynnmfurey37@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Karin Slaytonhttps://healthyreads.comkarinslayton@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEUNSUBSCRIBE ME!!!!Georgiehttps://healthyreads.comcatvalentine1@yahoo.comShotsFuck your killshots and quit sending me hateful harmful deadly content! Fuck the Crime Death Corp and their Eugenicists! Fuck offedward sharpehttps://healthyreads.comwaneta4072@aol.comunsubscribedon't like your process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mary Jo Van Gerpenhttps://healthyreads.commaryjovg@yahoo.comUnsubscribingYou might have great content but I just get too many emails. Please unsubscribe me.Michael Biberhttps://healthyreads.combibermichael@yahoo.comUnsubscribeYour content is not relevant to me.Ssrshhttps://healthyreads.comsf2087@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe..your unsubscribe button does not work Mahima Harjanihttps://healthyreads.commahima.h@media.netAd Monetization PartnershipHi Team, I'm part of Media.net's publisher development team and wanted to reach out about an exciting opportunity. Currently, we monetize Healthy Reads' inventory through indirect channels, but we believe that a direct partnership with Media.net can significantly boost your earnings. Through a direct partnership, you'll gain access to our entire marketplace, including exclusive search demand from the Yahoo! 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Thanks.Beverly Hudson https://healthyreads.combutebev@yahoo.comStop the emails Stop the email sPete Coy https://healthyreads.competecoy@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me from all your mailingsdiane R hoffmanhttps://healthyreads.comhoffmad1@yahoo.comAmount of vitamin d72, 215 pounds, vitamin d deficient. Best plan and amount? Is prescription better than otc.Patsyhttps://healthyreads.compjkanrisote3@nerner.nerBellygatKnock it off pleaseRebecca Bakerhttps://healthyreads.comrbjarcabletv@yahoo.comUnsubscribe!Not interested in a gazillion emails, thank you!Kim https://healthyreads.comkrg67@yahoo.comStop all emails Please stop sending me emails from all of your sites immediately!!! 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I don't want to receive any emails from any of your sites.dltiki-online@yahoo.comhttps://healthyreads.comdltiki-online@yahoo.comspamPlease remove dltiki-online@yahoo.com from all your e-mail lists and purge the address from your systems. There was never any request for or agreement to receive your spam.Jasonhttps://healthyreads.comj5150s_99@yahoo.comWhy I unsubscibedYour pages are absolute shit. Nothing but adds, pop ups and you cant even find the fucking article you emailed me about. Giant waste of fucking time! Please do not email me again, I can sit and watch paint dry and learn more about my health than your emails. Mhttps://healthyreads.comdaisy56xo@aol.comNonsenseYour test was not free this was so much of a waste of time that I wasted more time to tell youCynthia L Jenkinshttps://healthyreads.comcynnyjen@yahoo.comPopups destroy my interest.Too many ad popups that I get tired of clicking the button to read next. Am afraid of getting hit with some kind of scam. I wish it weren't so, but it's just too much!Redhttps://healthyreads.comleaonli@yahoo.comNO needDon't send emailShawn https://healthyreads.comshawnvarnedoe@yahoo.comWant to Unsubscrible from allPlease unsubscribe me from all.