11 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Daily Is So Good

We have all heard about how coffee, despite all its benefits, can end up being bad for our health. And while there are people who end up becoming addicted to drinking coffee, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your cup of joe every morning! If anything, it turns out that having a cup of coffee every day can be beneficial for your health.

And we aren’t just talking about the energizing effect that caffeine has on all of us. There have been studies that show that continuous coffee drinking (but not in excess), has a number of health benefits. From the antioxidant properties of coffee to increased longevity and better brain health, there are lots of benefits we haven’t even heard of!

Here we have compiled some of the most fascinating facts about why drinking coffee is good for you! Next time someone says that drinking coffee every day is bad for your health, you will have enough reasons to explain to them that they might just be wrong on this one!

Let us know which one of these things related to drinking coffee surprised you and which ones you already knew about!

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Parkinson’s disease? Coffee actually helps with reducing its symptoms!

Yes, you read that right! While too much coffee can give you too much energy and leave you restless and jittery, drinking it moderately can help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease! Finally, a drink that is both really tasty and has a known health benefit!

Studies made in the past have shown that those who drink coffee and get caffeine in their systems are less likely to develop this disease. But, as Ronald Postuma, MD and researcher, has pointed out, recently there was a study that showed that caffeine helps with the movement symptoms of those who are already impacted by Parkinson’s disease.

So, if you know of someone that has this disease, maybe you could let them know about this wonderful effect of coffee!

Reduce your stress levels by smelling a delicious cup of coffee!

It may seem like we are pulling your leg, but researchers actually found out that it is true. A group of scientists from Seoul National University has conducted research on a group of rats that were sleep-deprived. After exposing some of them to the smell of coffee, they analyzed their brains and discovered that those who came into contact with the coffee aroma had changes in the brain proteins linked to stress.

They also made sure to point out that this was in relation to stress caused by lack of sleep in particular! But even so, this explains why, back in college, after we had an all-nighter, getting a fresh cup of coffee seemed to take the edge off: it was all in the scent!

Drinking coffee can be directly linked to low suicide rates.

Maybe you have seen that video floating around social media that goes “I may be depressed, but at least I got an iced coffee.” It’s a silly video, but it turns out that it is more accurate than what it initially intended.

According to a Harvard School of Public Health study, men and women who drink two to four cups of coffee per day actively reduce their risk of suicide by 50 percent! This reaction is caused by the fact that coffee (and caffeine) is similar in effect to a mild antidepressant, as it aids the production of dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. The reduced production of these substances in our brains is what leads to depression and eventually to suicide.

Skin cancer? Coffee reduces the chances of getting it for women.

It sounds like drinking coffee couldn’t have such a high-stakes good reaction, but it is actually true. Following a study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, which lasted for 20 years, they found out that women who had about three cups of coffee a day were less likely to develop skin cancer compared to those who didn’t.

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Drinking coffee does indeed help your brain stay healthier in the long run!

Who knew that drinking coffee could lower your chances of getting Alzheimer’s?

A joint group of scientists from the University of South Florida and the University of Miami conducted a study that revealed that people aged 65 or older who had high blood levels of caffeine developed Alzheimer’s disease later. Compared with the people who had lower caffeine intake, they pushed the risk of this disease’s development by a good two to four years!

So if you know that your family has a history of developing it, you should keep drinking coffee.

You get more antioxidants from drinking coffee than any other drink.

As most Americans do, you probably drink a cup of coffee in the morning and maybe another one throughout the day. That’s not a lot of coffee by any means. Yet, besides that, you probably drink water or juice, and while those have their own health benefits, they probably don’t contain antioxidants.

Studies have shown that U.S. citizens get their main dose of antioxidants from coffee! And it’s not because you’re not consuming enough fruits or vegetables that have them – it’s because the human body absorbs the most antioxidants from coffee! So next time you’re drinking a cup of Joe, know that you are getting your daily boost of antioxidants!

Coffee also reduces the risk of developing diabetes, specifically type 2!

A study from the American Chemical Society has revealed that drinking coffee can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes! Apparently, people who drink the equivalent of four or more cups of coffee can reduce the chances of developing this type of diabetes by 50 percent!

They also found out that with every additional cup of joe the risk gets lower by 7 percent. While this is amazing news and a really good benefit, it’s good to keep in mind the disadvantages of drinking so much coffee every day as well. Sometimes the good news is not all practical.

Drinking coffee can boost your intelligence!

This is not an actual physical increase, but rather the combination of effects that coffee has on our bodies! As Michael Lemonic, a reporter for TIME, said, when you are sleep deprived and drink a cup of coffee, every measurable performance is increased. Thus, the most complex functions that are associated with intelligence: attention, vigilance, logical reasoning, and reaction time, are going to be better!

In a way, it doesn’t make you smarter. It just increases the speed at which you react to external stimuli, which may seem like an increase in intelligence.

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Coffee is your liver’s best friend!

This is especially true if you are known to enjoy a drink or two every other night. We’re not here to judge, but as we all know, alcohol doesn’t have the best impact on our liver.

However, there have been studies carried out on 125,000 adults, which proved that if you drink one cup of coffee every day, you have about a 20% less chance of developing liver problems or any associated diseases. Even those that lead to cancer.

Drinking coffee can help with your athletic performance!

It has been reported many times, both by scientists and athletes, that if you have a cup of coffee before doing any sport, it will help you perform better. Caffeine will give you a boost of energy, which will jolt your athletic performance, in particular when you are doing an endurance sport such as distance running or cycling!

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