hungry, drink water

5 Ways to Drink More Water Every Day

Make sure you know how much water your body needs! Before you commit to upping your water intake, be certain that you understand just how many fluid ounces of water you need every day so that your body is in


Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea in Seniors: 12 Signs and How to Dealt With It

What EXACTLY is sleep apnea? “Apnea” comes from the Greek word: “breathless.” Sleep apnea is what happens when you stop breathing in your sleep. This occurs either because of airway blockage, referred to as obstructive sleep apnea or because your brain isn’t correctly controlling


Seeing THIS on Your Skin? You Might Have a Serious Illness!

Dry and itchy skin It’s not that uncommon for your skin to feel dry or itchy, especially when it’s cold outside. Keeping your baths and showers as short as possible and making sure you moisturize properly while your skin is still damp should do


5 Cancers Most Likely to Spread to Your Bones

1. Breast cancer Breast cancer spreads to the bones more often than you might think. Actually, more than half of those with stage IV breast cancer develop bone metastases. It is known that cancer can spread to any bone, but it is more common

Heart Problems, heart failure

7 Early Signs of Heart Failure in Seniors

1. Shortness of Breath Shortness of breath, also known in the medical field as dyspnea, occurs when blood backs up in the pulmonary veins—these are the vessels that carry blood towards and away from the heart. This happens because the heart can’t keep up

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