Healthy Immune System: 8 Ways To Maintain One

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#6 Add Physical Activity to Your Daily Routine to Support Your Immune System

No matter how you look at it, physical activity has a great impact on your body. It will both help you keep in shape, and any such activity will help with the production of endorphins, which in turn will lower the stress levels in the body and keep you in a good mood. This doesn’t mean that you should start training like a bodybuilder, but rather that you shouldn’t neglect your physical well-being as it is closely tied to your immune system.

Plenty of studies have shown that people who do some sort of physical activity daily end up having fewer problems with chronic illnesses as well as a lower rate of getting seasonal ones. According to the CDC, a healthy adult should strive to either have a total of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (which can be anything from jogging and cycling to less strenuous activities like walking) or 75 minutes of intense activity like running.

This is the bare minimum to make sure you are keeping your body active and that it is actually easily achievable. Taking moderate exercise, for example, if you pick up the habit of going on a walk every day for 30 minutes, you’ll easily go over the 150 minutes. What’s more, you can always pick up other types of activities like yoga, pilates, or other sports to boost your activity.

Listen to your body (and your doctor) and only pick up what you can do within your own limitations!

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