Home Remedies for Insomnia: 9 Options That Actually Work

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You hit the day at a decent hour, thinking, “OK, tonight I’m going to get my sleep back on track.” One hour later, you’re staring at the ceiling, eyes wide open, and you seem like you can’t stop your mind from racing. With every passing second, you feel as if a good night’s sleep is a distant dream to you.

You’re not alone.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 70 million Americans struggle with chronic sleep issues. Also, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that about 35% of people deal with insomnia, which means they have serious problems falling asleep and/or staying asleep.

And up to 10% of adults deal with the longer-term type of insomnia, also known as chronic insomnia, which means they find it hard to sleep at least three nights per week for at least three months.

The first thing that may come to your mind when you start realizing that it’s insomnia you’re dealing with is that you should try some sleeping pills. Well, they may work. Or not. But before doing this, you should know there are some tips that can naturally induce relaxation, which will help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Here are 9 home remedies that can help you fight off insomnia!

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