Helicobacter pylori: 7 Things You Need to Know About It

helicobacter pylori
Photo by Jarun Ontakrai from shutterstock.com
  • blood test – sometimes it’s used to confirm that you are or that you have been infected with helicobacter pylori in the past.
  • stool antigen test – in this one, you have to give a sample of your stool, which will be then taken into the laboratory and tested for helicobacter pylori infection. Before you decide to take this test, you need to know that you shouldn’t have taken any antibiotics for at least 4 weeks and no acid-suppressing medicine for at least two weeks before the process. Some doctors recommend patients repeat the test after it’s been at least 1 month since they’ve finished the treatment to see if the infection is gone.

…Did you know about these tests?

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