Helicobacter pylori: 7 Things You Need to Know About It

helicobacter pylori
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7. Diet 

Even though there are no strict rules when it comes to diet when you are infected with helicobacter pylori, some doctors suggest that it might be better to avoid a few things, including:

  • fresh fruit and vegetables – even though they are great for your body and they contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients, they might make you feel bloated and give you cramps;
  • sugar – you already know that sugar is not the best thing that should exist in your diet, especially if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. And infection with helicobacter pylori is no exception. Moreover, it can actually turn your body into a better environment for that bacteria to grow, and you surely don’t want that;
  • milk – you might like it, especially in coffee, but it might be better to switch to a healthier alternative. Some doctors believe that milk and this infection don’t get along, and it might make your body attract more bacteria.

…Keep in mind that this is no one size fits all rule, so you better ask your doctor for more advanced information!

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