7 Fingernail Signs You Might Have a Serious Illness

Photo by Oporty786 from Shutterstock

We know it’s unexpected, but your nails reveal a lot about your health. So be cautious and probably consult a doctor if you observe any changes in your nails. 

But what can healthy fingernails look like? First of all, “regular” fingernails should have white tips with a clean texture and a little bit of shine. The nail beds should always be flesh-colored, which means they should lean toward pinkish, tan, or brown hues.

We should also understand that not all changes to the fingernails are harmful. Most of them are absolutely harmless, while others are a natural part of aging or could be a medication side effect.

However, if you do observe a change and are worried about it, it’s important to let your doctor know, especially if you’re also dealing with other symptoms like fatigue, breathlessness, or stomach pain.

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