7 Exercises All Seniors Have to Try (and 10 They Should Avoid at All Costs)

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5. Strength training with dumbbells 

Just like we’ve previously said at the beginning of this article, strength training is really important for your body, especially for keeping it strong and healthy. Several studies have discovered that resistance training is great for easing symptoms of depression, diabetes, back pain, and osteoporosis, while also helping you keep your weight in check.

You don’t have to go to the gym and lift heavy to get all those benefits, such as a higher and faster metabolism and enhanced glucose control. You can buy some dumbbells and use them at home, but make sure that your form and technique are correct so that you don’t end up getting injured.

The reason why strength training with dumbbells is so popular among people of all ages and fitness levels is that it gives you the chance to isolate each muscle group while also improving flexibility and balance.

Some of the exercises you should try to make your body stronger and more toned are bicep curls, bent-over rows, overhead press, tricep extension, front raises, forward lunges, and standing calf raises.

…Did you know that strength training exercises are great for building lean muscle tissue, which will help you burn more calories even 72 hours after you’re done with your workout? This will help you speed up your metabolism, which means that your body is burning fat even when you’re watching Netflix on the sofa. 

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