7 Exercises All Seniors Have to Try (and 10 They Should Avoid at All Costs)

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As you age, your fitness requirements change, and you might discover that an exercise style is not as easy to perform as it used to be, so you might need to make a few modifications here and there. But here’s the thing: you shouldn’t give up on your fitness routine just because you can’t move easily anymore.

An active lifestyle will help you lose those pesky pounds, make your skin glow, your body stronger and more flexible, keep your fat percentage at a healthy level, live longer, and make you more positive and ready to face the challenges of the day.

We’ve talked to a few experts about the perfect exercises seniors should incorporate into their fitness routines if they want to have strong bones and joints and also keep their health in check.

If you want to know how to keep yourself balanced and happy every day, this article is for you! Here are 7 exercises all seniors have to try (and 10 they should avoid at all costs):

…Put your yoga pants on, because we’re about to talk about working out!

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