7 Delicious Alternatives to Coffee (That You Should Try Today) 

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4. Turmeric with milk

Mostly known as “Golden Milk,” this amazingly healthy alternative to coffee became popular in the past few years, soon after scientific and medical studies revealed it has great benefits for our bodies. This hot beverage contains energizing spices like black pepper, cinnamon, and ginger. Honey, vanilla, and cinnamon are further typical but delicious additives.

In addition to giving your beverage a lovely golden hue, turmeric has fantastic anti-inflammatory benefits that keep bloating away. Ideally, it is consumed once a day, prepared with the milk of your choice. I usually make my golden milk with almond milk because it has a subtle taste compared to soy or coconut milk.

If I managed to convince you, next time when you feel the need to have a second cup of coffee, try golden milk! You’re gonna love it.

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