People Ignore These 10 Cancer Symptoms Until It’s Too Late

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3. Skin changes 

If you’ve noticed that your skin is the victim of a major change and you have no idea what the cause is, you should call your doctor and schedule a visit. It’s understandable that your skin might change from time to time due to the foods and drinks you consume, or maybe you’ve changed your skincare routine, you have an allergy and so many other things.

However, there’s a difference between symptoms that can actually be concerning and normal changes that might occur to your skin. When your skin tries to tell you something about cancer, you might notice that there’s a change in the appearance of a birthmark or a mole. To remember which ones are the scary ones, use this simple mnemonic, ABCDE:

  • asymmetry: one half of your mole or mark/birthmark doesn’t look like the other one;
  • border: the corners are dull and uneven;
  • color: it’s diverse or uncertain, both brown and black;
  • diameter: it’s bigger than the eraser of a pencil;
  • evolving: your mole might grow, bleed or have different changes over time.
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