Friday, September 22

8 Warning Signs of Diabetes Few Americans Know Of

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Blurred vision

As you change your fluid levels in your body, the lenses in your eyes can swell up. So if you notice blurred vision, it might not be because you need to buy a new pair of glasses. Your blurred vision might just be a temporary problem that rapidly appears and disappears and is caused by high blood sugar levels.

If you want to correct your blurred vision, you might have to get your blood sugar back into the target range. For some people, this means from 70 mg/dL to 130 mg/dL before mealtime, and less than 180 mg/dL one to 2 hours after you begin eating.

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2 thoughts on “8 Warning Signs of Diabetes Few Americans Know Of”

  1. Interesting article. I have been diagnosed with diabetes for a number of years, and has experienced all the symptoms except slow healing. Glad to miss out on at least one of them.

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