14 Silent Signs You’ve Already Had COVID-19

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Your fever and cough weren’t the flu

If you had a fever for a couple of days, with a hacking cough, a constant feeling of exhaustion, and your flu test was negative, then you probably had Covid-19.

At least that’s what Adam Spivak says, MD, an infectious disease doctor at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, mentioning that this year, flu season and the Covid-19 pandemic overlapped.

That’s why, this year, doctors have been overwhelmed by cases of flurona. As Spivak mentions, this year there has been a huge overlap with colds or flu and Covid-19 symptoms, which is why many doctors have emphasized the importance of getting tested for Covid-19.

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1 thought on “14 Silent Signs You’ve Already Had COVID-19”

  1. Gee, you mean society actually survived without tests, vaccine and Fauci? At least as people drop dead from the, so called, vaccine it will be declared a spontaneous event unrelated to the CDC, Fauci or governmental incompetence.

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