12 Benefits of Using Vitamin C Serum

vitamin C
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The perks of using vitamin C on your skin

There are SO many advantages to using vitamin C, but these are the ones you should REALLY know about:

  • is extremely safe for the majority of skin types
  • provides a lot of hydration
  • it will immediately brighten your skin
  • can reduce redness
  • helps with hyperpigmentation
  • can reduce your under-eye circles
  • promotes collagen production
  • helps prevent sagging
  • protects against sun damage
  • soothes sunburns
  • helps wound healing

It is safe to use, no matter your skin type

Vitamin C has one of the best safety profiles. Most people might use topical vitamin C for a longer period of time without experiencing any adverse reaction. There’s a 2017 review that discovered how vitamin C might cause, in certain situations, minor skin irritation, but we’re talking about 20% concentrations.

That’s why you will mostly find a concentration that ranges between 10% and 20% in most skin care products. Vitamin C can also be used with other skincare actives, such as alpha hydroxy acids, and retinol, but also with SPF.

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