10 Body Parts You’re Washing Too Often

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When it comes to personal hygiene you might be tempted to think that the more you clean and groom yourself, the healthier you will be. According to doctors, you only need to wash three parts of your body with soap daily: feet, armpits, and groin. It was proven that if you scrub your entire body daily with soap you may be at risk of destroying useful bacteria that help protect you.

Do you know what parts of the body that don’t need that much cleaning are? We studied what most of the medical personnel declared and we made a list of X parts of your body you’re washing way too often.

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1. Ear canal 

Usually, this area is cleaned by using cotton swabs and this might not be the best idea, since most doctors agreed that this act can cause more harm than good. The ear canal is a very fragile part of the body and the cotton swabs can cause irritation and swelling that can lead to a very serious ear infection.

Even if it looks gross, the wax in the ear canals is actually protective against external ear infections. If too much wax affects your hearing or you just need the urge to clean your ears, talk to your doctor who can help your ears in a safe way. How often do you clean your ears? Is it more than once per week?

2. Eyes

This body part is one of the most sensitive of your body. In order to avoid trouble, you must avoid cleaning out the eyes. A more scientific explanation is that the lacrimal glands produce tears which help lubricate the eyes and protect them from irritants.

The situation might be even more complicated if you wear contact lenses. It’s better to ask your doctor before making the decision to switch glasses for contact lenses.

Did you know that the average American shower uses 17.2 gallons? If you cut back to four or less showers a week instead of seven or eight, it could make a huge difference in your water bill. 

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3. Dead skin cells

Of course, you should wash your face twice or more often if it’s a hot summer day, but dermatologists say that deep-cleaning scrub shouldn’t be part of your daily routine. Over-exfoliating your skin can be as damaging as using the wrong type of product.

But don’t forget that cleaning your body can also prevent acne which happens when your pores are blocked with an excess of oil and dead skin cells.
…Have you ever thought about this? How often do you wash your face? Do you know that cleaning it too often might make it oily?

4. Hair

Do you have the nasty habit of washing your hair more often than you should? If the answer is yes you might take into consideration that washing your hair too frequently may lead to dermatitis or a scalp condition. We know that most women for example are obsessed with their long hair, but how many times a week we can wash it? Depends on how oily it gets.

Do you know what else can happen to your hair if you wash it too often? It is prone to breakage!

People with normal oil gland production can wash their hair almost daily, while others that have dry scalps should limit the washing to once or twice a week.

It might take a bit to get used to this routine, but you’ll manage to “teach” your hair a lesson.

5. Nose 

Many adults are guilty of nose-picking and this might not be the best idea since it can cause nosebleeds, swelling in the nose, and crusting. All this can lead to a serious issue which is more nose irritation. If your nose won’t decongest after blowing it in a handkerchief, then you might get a check-up with your doctor. They could prescribe you some saline sprays that could help you get rid of this problem.

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6.  Arms and legs 

Arms and legs are actually body parts that don’t produce much oil, so using soap on them daily might cause skin dryness. Remember that it may be tempting to clean these body parts daily, but not all parts need this routine.

Is your towel soft? Do you know that a rough towel may irritate your skin? It’s recommended you gently pat on your skin in order to dry it instead of strongly rubbing.

7. Washing your lady parts too often 

When it comes to your lady body parts, cleaning with any kind of soap might not be the best idea; especially if you’re using a scented soap or a scented shower gel.

A special type of product made carefully for this area, can be easily purchased from your closest pharmacy! If you feel like there is something wrong with your lady parts, then you should definitely go to see a doctor. There is no shame in that!

Keep in mind that self-cleaning is something normal for this body part so it’s best to stick to the basics in the shower.

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8. Mouth and teeth

These parts of the body are one of the most delicate and keeping them clean is important… but not too clean. Brushing your teeth too often can damage the pearly whites. Overbrushing the teeth has a huge impact on our gums. Don’t forget to go to your dentist at least 2 times per year in order to have strong and healthy teeth.

How often do you brush your teeth? Do you know that professional toothpaste could be beneficial for them?

Ask your dentist what the best products for your needs are. After important meals don’t forget to use mouthwash especially if you don’t have the possibility of washing them properly with a toothbrush.

9. Hands

Especially during Coronavirus times, we were advised to wash our hands more often, but is that really ok? Probably not! Of course, there is no doubt that cleaning your hands properly can help fight against spreading bacteria but by washing them too often your skin can become dry and cracked which may lead to bleeding.

Especially for women, the hands are one of the most beautiful parts of the body. Make sure you take care of them by using a moisturizer to keep the skin soft.

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10. Colon

We are aware of the fact that the digestive tract helps remove waste from the human system, which means there’s no need for cleaning. The only proper time when you really need to wash up is when you’re going to a doctor for a colonoscopy. Specialists recommend eating more high fiber foods and drinking at least 0,5 US gallons per day.


Of course, most of us tend to wash our skin to get it clean, and let’s face it: staying in the shower could be relaxing after a long day! Washing daily is actually recommended by doctors and it’s mandatory! Why is it important? Because by washing we get rid of any dirt and other types of allergens that have accumulated on our skin during the day.

Cleaning the body will help eliminate odors because we wash away the sweat. But like many other things, you shouldn’t exaggerate! Some body parts do not produce enough body oils so frequent showering might lead to dryness.

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